Splunk Apps for NetMotion Diagnostics Data

NetMotion Diagnostics can send the data it gathers from mobile devices - running on Windows, iOS, or Android - to Splunk® so that you can mine the data and analyze your mobile deployment. Our Splunk apps help you explore the network, diagnostics, location, coverage, application, and inventory data from NetMotion Diagnostics.

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Key Benefits

  • Analyze your NetMotion Diagnostics data with ready-to-use dashboards.
  • Modify and create your own custom reports and dashboards.
  • Analyze data in real-time, as it arrives from Diagnostics devices.
  • Associate and combine your NetMotion Diagnostics data with data from other systems and sources within Splunk.

NetMotion Mobile Deployment
NetMotion Diagnostics Dashboard
  • NetMotion Diagnostics 4.0
  • Splunk version 6.5 or later configured to receive data using Splunk's HTTP Event Collector
  • NetMotion Diagnostics 3.10 – 3.3x
  • Splunk version 6.0 or later configured to receive data via syslog messages
  • System Summary
  • Mobility Status
  • Diagnostics Reports
  • Wi-Fi Summary
  • Wi-Fi Connect Failures
  • Wi-Fi Insecure Connections
  • Wi-Fi Security (Windows)
  • Wi-Fi SSID Details
  • WWAN Summary
  • WWAN Connect Failures
  • WWAN Carrier Details
  • WWAN Adapter Status
  • Devices
  • Device Search
  • Device Issues
  • Device Last Connected
  • Device Locations
  • Device Severity Incidents
  • Users

Installation Instructions

Click here for installation instructions

  • Description
  • Client Reports
  • Client Reports and WWAN Samples
  • Client Reports - Real Time - Past 12 Hours
  • Device - All locations
  • Device - Inventory
  • Device - Last known location
  • WWAN sample data
  • NetMotion Mobility Analytics

Installation Instructions

  1. Configure your Diagnostics server to send data to your syslog server or directly to Splunk; refer to Configuring Diagnostics to Send Client Data to the Syslog Server for detailed instructions.

  2. In Splunk, go to Settings > Data inputs.

  3. In Local inputs, go to TCP in the list of types, and then click Add new.

  4. Select a source. To capture syslog data over the network, configure Splunk to listen on a TCP port.

  5. Specify input settings. Under Sourcetype, select Operating System > syslog.

  6. Review your local input settings; click Submit if they are correct.

  7. Click the Download Now button above to download our Splunk app to your local computer: NetMotionExamples.tgz.

  8. In Splunk, select Manage Apps from the App menu.

  9. Click Install app from file

  10. Browse to the NetMotionExamples.tgz file and then click Upload. The App menu in Splunk now includes NetMotion Examples.

We will continue to update and add to the examples, so check back here often.

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To report bugs or tell us about reports that you have created, contact us at [email protected]

NetMotion Mobile Deployment Diagnostics 4.0
Splunk 6.5 or later
NetMotion Diagnostics
Diagnostics 3.x
Splunk 6.0 or later
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