NetMotion Mobility® and Palo Alto GlobalProtect Comparison: White Paper

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GlobalProtect is a hardware-based VPN that excels at keeping your mobile workers safe, but not keeping them connected. And when it comes to helping you solve issues? Well, let's just say that you might find yourslef stuck on the phone longer than you want. And still not get the problem solved.

NetMotion is a software-based VPN that's designed to keep your users connected and productive. Not to mention, we offer industry-leading resolution time. So you Can troubleshoot faster and keep your workers working. Your workers will love it. And so will your stomach.

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What your field workers will love

1) No trouble when they roam

With GlobalProtect, roaming between networks can disconnect users, force them to re-log in to apps, and generally cause workflow disruptions. NetMotion enables seamless roaming that prevents these interruptions, ensuring the connection keeps up with your field workers.

2) Faster performance for faster field workers

GlobalProtect performs well in ideal conditions, but once you introduce sub-par reception and latency, NetMotion takes the cake. We utilize compression technologies to help data get where it's going faster regardless of signal strength. It costs less on metered networks, too.

3) More powerful policies that work like magic

NetMotion offers adaptive policies that help you fine-tune the user experience: optimizing applications, enforcing security and reacting to network conditions to proactively prevent issues. GlobalProtect lacks network- and condition-aware policies, especially outside of security.

4) Support that won't slow them (or you) down

If an issue can't be resolved in-house, you might have to spend hours on the phone with GlobalProtect support just to get users back to work. We provide locally based engineers who can resolve most issues without escalation. Even if we do need to escalate, you'll never get stuck playing the multiple-transfer game.
NetMotion Mobility

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